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Serving all of Pinellas County: Pasco County South of Ridge Rd. and West of the Suncoast Parkway. Hillsborough County west of I-275.

Couch's Pest Control, IncOne of our trained pest control service technicians will set an appointment to meet with you at your location. This will enable him to make a thorough analysis of your particular needs for pest control. He will then develop a customized treatment plan to control the pests and give you a quote on the spot. We offer maintenance plans based on monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service, or you may opt for a one-time service to take care of some issues. All services are guaranteed and should an extra call be necessary, there would be no extra charge as long as you are on one of our pest control plans.

Couch's Pest Control, IncResidential Pest Control- Couch’s Pest Patrol can provide a pest management program that fits both your budget and lifestyle.

  • Our services range from once a month to once a year and everywhere in between.
  • A member of our staff will work with you to ensure you get a program in place that targets your specific needs.
  • Exterior only treatment plans are available.
  • Rodents, German Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Ticks, and Fleas require specialized treatments. Please contact us for more information on these pests.

Couch's Pest Control, IncCommercial Pest Control- Whether it’s your office, medical facility, or restaurant, Couch’s Pest Patrol has the know how to keep your business pest free.

  • A member of our staff will inspect your business prior to the initial treatment to ensure you receive the best treatments possible.
  • Restaurants and medical facilities may require twice monthly treatments.

What many homeowners don’t realize is….

How extensive the damage is that termites cause and how that damage can affect the value of their home.

There are two categories of termites in Florida: Subterranean and Drywood termites. Please click on the links below to learn about them and what Couch’s Pest Patrol can do to help you eliminate the threat they impose.

Pinellas Termite: The kind you find here.


Couch’s Pest Patrol is proud to offer multiple treatment options for the prevention of Subterranean termites.
  • A liquid treatment around the foundation of your property will eliminate any infestation as well as prevent future infestations for years to come.  We use only the best products on the market.
  • Concerned with liquid termiticide? The Sentricon Colony Elimination System is for you!  The in-ground bait stations will monitor and protect your property.


  • Tent Fumigation- A tent fumigation is the most effective and thorough treatment in the elimination of Drywood Termites.  See our link to for more information on the process or contact us at the office.
  • We also offer “tentless” liquid treatments.
Couch's Pest Control, Inc
Couch's Pest Control, Inc

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Couch's Pest Control, Inc