Drywood Termites

Couch's Pest Patrol IncDrywood termites are one of the most destructive of all structural pests. The drywood termite is seldom seen, but infestations can be detected by bits of external evidence such as wings they have shed, plugs at their entry holes, surface blisters of wood, and frass. Drywood termites have a tendency to make their presence known in the heat of summer in the evening. Signs to watch for include:

Frass (drywood termite droppings) is positive evidence of a drywood termite infestation.

Severe damage to wood is indicated by a hollow sound when tapped.

Couch's Pest Control, IncIf drywood termites are found, a tent fumigation with a gas fumigant is the sure way to get rid of this pest. A fumigation treatment which spans 2 nights, eliminates all pests, stopping all damage. The fumigant penetrates all structural wood, trim, furniture and wood studs in the home.

There is also a liquid chemical treatment with Premise II® for drywood termites that may be an option. This treatment, while it takes care of the general area treated, it does not have the overall effect that a tent fumigation has.

All our termite work is guaranteed for one year from the initial service date. The warranty may be extended on an annual basis for a fee and term length which is determined on the original contract. The warranty ensures that Couch’s will return and re-treat as needed for your specific termite issue at no additional charge as long as the warranty is current and in effect.

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